Thursday, April 21, 2011

I Hate Painting White…

…or just vehicles in general. I don’t know why I struggle to paint large flat areas so much, but I just can’t seem to get even or smooth coverage. So yes, I am struggling to paint these stupid Drop Pods. I even gave up on the white for the first one. One by one, each area that was going to be white got coats of red until this pod became the all red one. I just want to get it "done" so I can look at the project and say, "Hey, I'm going to get this done." On the other hand, little bits of progress keep getting made on number one, so all is not lost.

I also have to keep in mind that this is definitely an accomplishment considering I am balancing writing a paper for grad school, wedding stuff, and a social life, which means “Drop Pod” is way down the priority list.

Some of the painting time has suffered for the building time. Really, that’s the part that I enjoy, so when I see a big shiny kit, namely a Land Raider, I find I am easily distracted. This was a particularly fun build as well, with lots of extra shiny things to add. Obviously, we have the Forge World doors. I was thinking about going with one normal door so I could try my hand at some free-hand work, but there’s enough clear space on the sides. The majority of the rest of the stuff is from an Empire State Troops bitz pack. The banner tops with the laurels make a great recurring motif that I think fits well, and the big twin banners streaming off the back will hopefully allow some decent room to work. I did not have all my tools, which made some things, like getting the Empire hands off of the flags, extremely difficult. I managed to cut the piece to fine, and the plastic came off all the way to the banner. A stitch, in time, saves you a lot of super glue. I eventually got some semblance of a pole on the flag, but it will take some work in the painting process to cover up the mistake and I'm always going to be nervous when I'm transporting it. I kept the weapons off for now. I’ll magnetize them the first chance I get and hopefully score some lascannons so I have every variant.

Hobby Accomplishments

-Played some games. More on this later.

-Based my first Khorne Warrior. Also more to come.

-Finished a paper for grad school which means I'll actually have some hobby time.

Hobby Goals

-Finish the first drop pod. Still.

-Publish a blog post in a timely fashion.

-Get all the Khorne bases glued and painted.