Friday, May 27, 2011

Real Actual Games

I actually got to play a game of 40K today. Two in fact. Who knew that side of the hobby existed?

After a pair of cancellations, I played another one of the local guys who just happened to hanging out at the club.

It was the first time I have gotten to use my Blood Wing. Originally, I built the army list to be played at 2000 points, albeit not so competitively. I had also planned not to field it until it was fully painted, but with two drop pods and a big tank to go, I thought I'd just give it a run as is.

Note that the Pepsi can is not being proxied as anything.

So this is the entire army at 1500 points. Originally, I had planned on running a Dreadnought in the third pod, but he got left at home, so I ran a Lone Wolf instead and had the pod drop empty.

The first game was capture and control. I dropped a unit with combimeltas, and an assault unit with Logan in aggressively. I promptly exploded one of his rhinos, and immobilized another. With a pair of nasty units in his back line, he decided to take the fight to the other side of the board. He dropped a Furioso back near my objective, with his Death Company still in reserve. My rune priest blew up his last Rhino which essentially forced him to charge my Lone Wolf in a one on twenty combat. At this point, I feel the need to mention that my dice were on fire. I could not fail a save anywhere on the board. I took a single wound on the Lone Wolf and lost two guys on the next turn's charge, and that was it. There really wasn't much he could have done, because I was just so en fuego.

With no scoring units left on his side, we called it so we could run it back.

We rolled up a seize ground with five objectives. He went first and walked everything on. I dropped in aggressive again, forcing his Death Company towards my Assault Terminators with Logan. He charged my combimelta squad with an Assault Squad, but between Logan's Living Legend and counter attack, my four guys had sixteen attacks, and duly wiped the squad. Meanwhile Logan and company finished off the Death Company, though they lost 3 of their own guys. Logan immediately split off and annihilated his Devastator squad, while the remaining Terminator attacked another assault squad. Though I was losing guys at a more regular clip, my dice for damage really started to heat up again, and after my Rune Priest lit up his Furioso, which was his only real chance to contest/kill off the guys on my objectives, so we called it again and chatted about strengths and weaknesses in the list.

Friday, May 20, 2011

On to Number Two

I finished the interior of the first drop pod way faster than I though possible, mostly because I went straight black for most of the details. It's not supposed to be a particularly eye catching part of the army, so I'm ok with it. I'm looking forward to the next one, because it's for a dreadnought, and the lack of interior makes it seem less daunting.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Finally, Kinda

I have finally finished the exterior of pod number one. Well, it's done anyway. I went back and added a couple coats of red and gold to solidify the colors. They look a lot more matte, and I know the model is a lot better for it. Of course, just now I saw a piece of gold with splotch of out of place red on it, so of course, the work is never done. But even if the exterior were perfect, I still need to do the inside. Typically, I don't rate painting the inner parts of vehicles. I don't ever drop the ramps in game, so why go to the extra effort? Drop pods, on the other hand, look odd on the table top without the petals down, but all the nice display details are on the outside, so I'm committed to finishing this in its entirety. Thankfully, I have an exceedingly simple scheme. It doesn't need to pop. It can be fairly reductionist and still look good.
It's been a while, but I can see the end in sight, so that is exciting.

Hobby Goals
-Finish the interior of Pod 1.
-Less time between posts next time.
-Glue Chaos Warriors on bases.

Hobby Progress
-Exterior is complete.
-Some WoC bases are complete.
-Finished the Greed Corp campaign.