Saturday, November 26, 2011

Hobby Update

In the intervening two weeks or so, I have finally managed to get painting again.

The house is in a decent enough shape that I've finally been able to relax and do some "work." I began juggling about four things that I was putting paint on. First on the queue is the drop pod that I've been working and I'm actually making what feels like significant progress. I'm also working on the accompanying Land Raider, a Warwitch Deneghra from a Cryx Battlebox, and an Elven Menhir terrain piece.
I'm giving the old college try to my first bit of free hand on the left half of the Land Raider. Really, it's just a simple wing design sweeping back along the hull, but if it comes off alright, it should look pretty sharp. The issue I'm having is that it looks... Cartoon-y? I am planning on turning the points of the feathers up to be more blade-like, and the wife has suggested making most of the black of the lines gray instead, leaving just a little bit of outline. Hopefully that will give me the effect I'm looking for.
Finally, I made it out to the FLGS again. This time was a little better. I was still largely ignored by the local clique, but there was a member of what is apparently the Wednesday night regulars looking for a game that afternoon. We played a Capture and Control mission with his Dark Eldar and my Loganwing. It was my first game against the Dark Eldar and I knew they were mobile, but the ability to move and absolutely pour out the firepower was stunning. My squads managed to arrive at the rate of about one per turn and got shot off the table as soon as they did so. I just didn't have enough speed or sustainability to counter-punch. However, this ended up working to my advantage. The last two squads both came in on turn 4 with one dropping in on his objective and the other rolling onto mine in a Land Raider. He couldn't pop the Land Raider in time and I kept him off his on turn 5, and when we rolled for random game's end, it did. It felt Pyrrhic because I was almost entirely wiped out, while his force was almost entirely intact, but I guess that's another lesson in keeping your eyes on the objective.

Hobby Goals
-Find a way to paint the Land Raider Hull that I like
-Finish that drop pod!!!!
-Acquire some new paints
Blood Red
Dark Gray
Light Gray

Hobby Accomplishments
-Won a game
-Got the table set up

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

California Here I Am

After a month and a half absence, I make my return from a brand new location.

If (or I should say, "When") I drive across the country again, I refuse to pack the car to the gills. Despite scheduling our move a couple days before the wedding, we still had a bunch of stuff show up in those last days, which, while awesome, meant the car was incredibly cramped. We also skipped taking I-40 for most of the drive, deciding instead to see some of the South. After doing Texas in a day, then stopping in Santa Fe, we said screw it and skipped everything else we planned and just drove until we got here. The sense of relief when we pulled into San Diego was palpable.

We've got the apartment mostly set up. We have a small room in the back and we've each got some space for our various hobbies/projects and storage. While the number of tables I get to set up has dropped, I feel like the quality has gone up. Since I don't have to pack all my books on one book shelf, I get to set up some of my games, my amp, and a drawer of some models as well. I think it looks nice alongside a neat table.You'll also notice the very nice glass case on the right side of the frame. That's courtesy of one of my good buddies back home. It's a very nice "Detolf" model glass case from Ikea that was given to me (I should say us) as a wedding gift. While I am very excited that I have nice way to display some of my models, it turns out my wife absolutely loves it. According to her, it's not just a nice piece of furniture, but it gives me a chance to show some of my work while not having the models be "out" which apparently reduces her stress level about clutter.After going through all the stuff from the move, the results are mixed. Of the models that went through the move, I am happy to report that there is almost no damage to my collection. A few lances came off, some metal weapons were bent, but nothing was broken. The flip side of that, and it is a big flip the other way, is that my compressor is gone. I got it as a birthday gift the week before the wedding from a couple good friends. It was still new in the box, never got to use it, and now we can't find it anywhere. We've filed a claim, but it really steams me.

My first foray out to a local FLGS was up and down. I went wandering and sorta scouted things out. The store itself feels similar to the Local back home, except they have a very current stock. I saw a lot of the hotness from Board Game Geek lining the shelves (and floors in front of the shelves) along with their expansions. The Warhammer stock seems pretty decent and all the out of date stuff is in a discount bin. It's neat, clean and well organized and the staff is very friendly.

However, I have my doubts about the gaming scene at the store. I made the trip out yesterday afternoon to try and get a game in. There were roughly eight other guys there hanging out. Over the course of two hours, two of them started a game, while the rest fiddled with their minis, talked to each other about starting a game, or stared at the new Necron codex. I tried to engage different people in conversation. I asked several people if they wanted to get a game in and made myself available. At one point, I heard someone say, "That guy is looking for a game," and the response, "No, I think I'm OK." I left without a game, incredibly frustrated.

If someone is new to your area, is generally friendly and socially competent(or even if he's awkward), and is looking for a game, please make him feel welcome. I don't care if you mercilessly stomp him, at least make sure he has a game with one of the more friendly members of your group. I don't think that's too much too ask.