Sunday, October 6, 2013

Weekend Workbench

Just a few pictures to show what I've been working on.
I added some extra details to the base of the Nightbringer/Daemon.  I plan on doing this kind of thing to a lot more of my models.  Just a few small things here and there can really help an army pop.
Skarre Ravenmane has her basecoat.  More work to do, but she's coming along nicely.  I'm really not a fan of metal models, but they're still better than finecast.
And the big deal of the week, you can't beat free!  I bought a box of Hellions about a month ago, because I love the models.  One of the local guys decided to get rid of nine still shrink wrapped boxes.  I'm a pretty big guy so I came out of the scrum with three.  So twenty Hellions it is!

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